About Us


George, exclusively at Asda, has helped to lead the changing face of British fashion over the past decades, and we are incredibly proud of the fact that our customers have helped us to become one of the largest fashion retailers in Britain.

Launched in 1989, George is now sold in over 560 stores and through George.com, which is one of the fastest growing online fashion businesses, with over 800,000 customers a week. Our business continues to outperform in a tough UK market, but is also expanding on a global scale. Our products are exported around the world, through the UK global centre of excellence, to countries including Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Japan and the US. 

George is a household name and has built up a reputation for quality, style and value. We strive to save our customers money and to offer the best value, affordable and inspirational clothing for their family.
To demonstrate our continued commitment to providing affordable quality clothing, that is made to last, we launched the first 100 days satisfaction guarantee on all of George’s school uniforms. In 2010 this was extended to all of our clothing.

At George we respect the importance of our select and talented worldwide supply base. To support both our suppliers and our George UK office, we have the benefit and support of our in country offices, which are based in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China and India.

As a business we recognise the importance of ethical sourcing and protecting the environment, and we always aim to do the right thing. To meet our commitment, we employ a team of ethics specialists, both at our headquarters in the UK and on the ground in the countries where our clothes are produced. Their role is to ensure continuous progress towards our goals, including monitoring results of independent audits.

When our customers choose George products, it’ is important that they know they are not only getting unbeatable quality and value for money, but that this doesn’t come at an unacceptable cost to workers. How we treat the people that produce our clothes is a fundamental part of how we do business.

George Home

After 23 years, and after constant requests from shoppers, in 2014 the team at George finally launched a much anticipated homewares range; George Home.

Focused on quality, style and value –the same pillars that have become synonymous with the George brand for over two decades.

The in-house design team, led by George Brand Director Fiona Lambert, worked hard to bring affordable, inspirational, homes solutions through a host of trend-led home accessories and soft furnishings to suit every style, at a price that you have to see to believe. 

The eclectic first Spring Summer collection featured four very individual trends taking inspiration from various aspects of British culture and style – from 1950’s glamour to the increasingly popular UK coastal scene. Each trend offered a snap-shot into an interiors lifestyle with its roots in fashion and statement-styling. In addition to the main trends there was also a wide selection of brilliant ‘everyday’ staples including: lighting, porcelain, clocks, baking accessories to further complement the overall George Home offer.

The new George homeware brand significantly improved perceptions and continues to outperform the original objectives we set out to achieve. Quality, Value for money and inspiration ratings all improved illustrating that we have met our brand objectives.

The feedback from stakeholders has been overwhelming, from customers, colleagues and stores who have grasped the concept of George Home which has transformed the Asda business and provided us with long term sustainable and strategic direction for the Home category.


About ASDA

Our aim is to offer Britain’s best value weekly shop, with prices that are independently shown to be lower than our main competitors, and with an excellent mix of fresh food, grocery, clothing, home, leisure and entertainment goods.

ASDA now has over 525 stores across the UK, and has been part of the Wal-Mart family since 1999.
We employ 160,000 colleagues and they have a well-deserved reputation for being the best and the friendliest in the industry.

Our stores are all Stores of the Community, as they play a positive part in all aspects of life in their local communities, from establishing a new local supplier, to working with the emergency services in the area. Last year our colleagues raised £1.2 million for charities.

It’s no coincidence either, that our reputation for friendly service is as inextricably linked to the ASDA brand as our reputation for quality and service.

The ASDA story

ASDA was formed when two separate companies, Associated Dairies and the Asquith brothers supermarket chain Queen’s, came together in 1965. ASDA Stores Ltd was created, a supermarket committed to offering its customers ‘permanently low prices’.

A Potted History

ASDA can trace its roots back to a group of Yorkshire farmers who formed Hindell’s Dairies in the 1920s, processing and retailing milk and meat to a growing customer base. The company was extremely successful and continued to expand and diversify, acquiring more processing dairies, abattoirs, bakeries, shops, four managed farms and 22 rented farms.
The company floated in 1949 as Associated Dairies and Farm Stores Ltd. Meanwhile, an American group GEM came to the UK with the idea of opening large stores filled with separate shops. This revolutionary idea was not really taken up by many customers at first - in 1965 the company was ready to sell their UK holding.

Whilst GEM were exploring new ideas with these out-of-town superstores, the Asquith brothers opened the ‘Queen’s Supermarket’ in Pontefract in 1963, offering “Permanent Reductions” and a shop open until 8pm on Fridays. This new cut price operation was so successful, that the three founding members had to work 18 hours a day to keep pace and satisfy the throngs of shoppers forming an orderly line down the street!

Sites followed at Edlington in 1964 and South Elmsall in 1965. However, the new supermarkets, despite their tremendous success, needed financial backing. Associated Dairies and Queen’s Supermarkets held talks and merged to create ASDA Stores Ltd. in 1965.
This new company decided to continue being revolutionary and bought the GEM chain in 1965, re-launching the stores in the ASDA Queen’s name.

In 1968, Associated Dairies purchased the Asquith’s stockholding. The ASDA name was now owned by one company.
Stores continued to open throughout the 1970s with great success. The 1970s were also acquisition years and the group bought Allied Retailers and some Gateway stores.

Times got harder during the 1980s. The group had spread too thinly across retail and the share price started to plummet. Recovery came with the appointment of Archie Norman and Allan Leighton, who in 1991 laid down an ambitious formula for renewal and growth. The formula concentrated on restoring value at the heart of the ASDA brand and revolutionising internal communications and motivation.
In June 1999, now a successful company once more, ASDA was acquired by Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and became part of the world’s biggest and best retailer.

Since then, ASDA has become Britain’s second largest supermarket. Our commitments to value, quality, colleagues and putting customers first, remain the engine that drives our business, and with the backing of Wal*Mart, we plan to continue delivering for our customers.

Our Beliefs, Respect for the individual. Service to our customers. Strive for excellence. Act with integrity.