Frequently Asked Questions

01Who is this site for ?

George suppliers, both new and existing.

02How do I access the Existing Supplier section ?

You will need to enter a valid Asda 6-digit Supplier Number and wait for this to be approved. You will then be contacted by e-mail to give your log-on details.

03What type of information is available on the site ?

We explain some of Asda’s culture and give you the tools to supply us, get paid, and manage your account with us effectively. We will also keep you updated with the latest news from George and Asda.

04Why should I use the site ?

By using the site, we hope to minimise the time our buyers spend answering routine queries. This should free up time to work more productively with you.

05I have a product I'd like to offer to George. What do I need to do ?

Please click on 'Supplying George' on this website, where you will be prompted to complete a registration form. This will then be reviewed by the UK Central Sourcing Team and if there is an opportunity to supply George in your product area, you will be contacted.